Pizza Romana is a unique style that is adored all over Europe, but mainly in Central Italy.  It has gained popularity here as well, with pockets of Roman style pizzerias opening up in major cities throughout the U.S.  It is a pizza cooked in a  double gauged steel Italian teglia pan.  It can be shared by 5 to 6 people or can be served by the slice as well.  Pizza Romana is a medium bodied crust, made from the “poolish” method of dough making.  This method is a lost art because of its degree of difficulty.  It is a two-stage process, which takes four days to complete.  Well worth the wait, it creates a crisp crust while remaining profoundly light and airy.  The flavor profile is complex, with a superior cell structure, and a bigger and moister crumb.  It is the most digestible pizza you have ever experienced.

Our experts have spent months learning the craft of Pizza Romana with the Roman pizzaioli and bakers from the Campo di Fiore to Viale Trastevere and also learned hands-on from the Master of Pizza Romana, Gabriel Bonci at Pizzarium.  We will show you the hidden secrets of making the perfect Pizza Romana including hydration, seasoning pairs, types of ovens and styles of incredible toppings.