Train to Make Great Dough

Learn the Secret to Perfect Pizza

Anyone can make a pizza, but it takes a wealth of information to make the best pizza around. In today’s competitive market, a mediocre pizza can be the downfall of your business. Learn from the best so you can be your best.

Pizza Production Training

Get training from a six time world pizza champion and owner of ten independent pizzerias. Train your entire staff on the classic styles to streamline your production and ensure a quality product.

  • Open enrollment with sessions starting on Mondays
  • Training open to a mazimum of four participants
  • Understanding the potentiality of raw materials in different applications and techniques
  • Acquire skill in multiple dough making trends
  • Practical staging and trailing in a functioning pizza/restaurant operation
  • Traditional to new-age methodology for sauce formulation
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Original New York Pizza

New York Pizza means many different things to many different people.  It is a point of pride and tradition to almost everyone as they describe their favorite pizzeria.  It details where they grew up and how they were raised.  They reminisce and declare with tremendous delight their technique to fold it and eat it piping hot out of the oven, taking special care as to not burn the roofs of their mouth.

Napoletana (Wood Fired)

Pizza Napoletana is a style that has been gaining respect and popularity in the U.S. since the nineties.  The last few years it has progressed into a movement, a revolution, and war amongst artisanal pizza makers all over the country.  This Session will impart the knowledge and share what our contribution to this movement has been and continues to be.

Pizza Romana

Pizza Romana is a unique style that is adored all over Europe, but mainly in Central Italy.  It has gained popularity here as well, with pockets of Roman style pizzerias opening up in major cities throughout the U.S.  It is a pizza cooked in a  double gauged steel Italian teglia pan.  It can be shared by 5 to 6 people or can be served by the slice as well. Pizza Romana is a medium bodied crust, made from the “poolish” method of dough making.

Artisan Bread Making

Baking bread is the next step into a truly complete bakery/pizzeria.  We will start by leading you through the properties of basic yeast development and harvesting natural yeast from nature.  Then, we culture the yeast pairing it with appropriate flours for every unique bread known to man.

New World Pizza

Are you ready to jump in the deep end of the pizza pool?  If you are, we can show you a whole new world to amaze your customers, crush your competition with innovation and ultimately increase your sales. Our New World Pizza Session will introduce you to new shapes, ingredients, preferments and even pizza variants using your existing pizza dough to shape, cut, tie, sprinkle and fill with flavor combinations from around the world.

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