New York Pizza means many different things to many different people.  It is a point of pride and tradition to almost everyone as they describe their favorite pizzeria.  It details where they grew up and how they were raised.  They reminisce and declare with tremendous delight their technique to fold it and eat it piping hot out of the oven, taking special care as to not burn the roofs of their mouth.  New York Pizza is nostalgic and there are no valid arguments as to who makes the best pizza, because the best pizza in the world is the one you like best.

At the Academy of Pizza Science, we pride ourselves on composing a true to the original “old school”, slice house style that you are used to with an artisanal flair.  New York Pizza to me starts off with a high gluten flour that is ultra-refined through a process equal to and even surpassing the famed Italian “OO”.  The dough recipe is multi-faceted technique that ensures consistency through changing weather.  It should always be an aged dough, developed through cold rise fermentation, ensuring proper texture, flavor, crispness and a crumb with a cell structure of gaping airy holes.  New York Pizza sauce should consist of robust domestically grown tomatoes that are picked and packed within three hours with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Tomatoes used in New York Pizza should never be made using processed tomatoes or from concentrate.  The characteristics of this sauce should be a well-seasoned sauce, not to be confused with spicy, and never any water added.