Are you ready to jump in the deep end of the pizza pool?  If you are, we can show you a whole new world to amaze your customers, crush your competition with innovation an ultimately increase your sales.

Our New World Pizza Session will introduce you to new shapes, ingredients, preferments and even pizza variants using your existing pizza dough to shape, cut, tie, sprinkle and fill with flavor combinations from around the world.

We take you through the secrets of making the French Pissalidiere which is similar to the Sicilian Sfincione, or the ultra thin Focaccia de Recco filled with Straccino cheese or long Pizza al Metro from Positano, Italy.  We continue with the thin and crisp Spanish Coca and Turkish Pide, and never forget the Italian Schiacciata and some New World favorites like the Spinach Pie and pizzas made with curry, chipotle, Japanese green tea, cabbage, pickled vegetables, Sardinian bottarga and even chicken skin.  Learn how to wow your customers with techniques using fermentation, dehydration and sauce reduction as well as sure fire methods and variants of cream sauces and the use, flavor profiles of the many cheeses from around the world.