Baking bread is the next step into a truly complete bakery/pizzeria.  We will start by leading you through the properties of basic yeast development and harvesting natural yeast from nature.  Then, we culture the yeast pairing it with appropriate flours for every unique bread known to man.  From large crusty country loaves to high hydration Ciabatta to crisp and airy baguettes and into laminated dough’s like the famous croissant of France to the rich breads of Brioche and sweet breads like cinnamon rolls.

You will learn the food costs of breads and mixing, proofing and baking techniques in a real working bakery/pizzeria.  Finally, we bring you through filled breads like French Fougasse and Couronne, Ladder Breads and Stuffed Fougasse and into flavored artisan bread like curry loaf, mushroom bread, Lebanese Barbari and Pita and back to the famous bread of Rome, the Pizza Bianca!