IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN THE BUSINESS OF PIZZA, you've come to the right place. Bruno DiFabio is the owner of ten successful independently owned pizzerias across the country. He's the winner of international competitions. His level of experience is unmatched. Bruno knows what works and what doesn't. Get your business off on the right foot and



Opening a new unit, whether it’s your first or 101st can be a very trying time.  There is a lot of second guessing, remorse and anxiety, especially in the beginning.  These feelings will last through the grand opening until you know that you have a business that is self-sustaining.  By the time that comes, you will find yourself so entrenched with other details that you might not even remember your original worries.  That’s the way it goes in the pizza business.  This is a business when maximum potential is realized, can yield happiness, independence, financial freedom and peace of mind.  It is prestigious to own your own business or multiple businesses.  I haven’t had a boss in over twenty years and it’s a tremendous feeling.  There is nothing else in the world that I would rather be doing.

Being a young businessman at the age of twenty-four, I liken my experience to feeling around in a dark room trying to find my way.  Looking back, it might have been nice to have a mentor or access to industry professionals with such vast knowledge on the subject.  Every success I achieved back then was earned by “fighting tooth and nail”.  There was  a lot of ineffectiveness in that, and many wasted years.  I knew nothing about negotiations with landlords, accountants and attorneys.  It was “fly by the seat of my pants”.  There were many times I was embarrassed and didn’t know the answers… My marketing plan comprised of putting flyers on car windshields and having the lady from the Yellow Pages create an ad.  My first POS was dupe pad sheets stuck to clothespins and a calculator from CVS.  I did well and had many successes, but my “me versus the world” mantra, my brashness and aggressive “know it all” attitude stunted my growth professionally and personally.  After having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars through trial and error learning how to fine-tune my success, I have decided to share all of my experiences through the Academy of Pizza Science.

You will have access to my aboveboard, undisguised opinions, accomplishments and deficiencies.  I have spent the last 30 years dedicated to the pizza business with 30 more years of service to give.  I am confident I can help you cut through the futility, putting you on the right track without taking shortcuts.  After all, I am still in the trenches taking grenades, running all of my businesses, having to make ends meet while watching my bank accounts every day.  I can still relate …   The Academy of Pizza Science is dedicated to the advancement of independent pizza makers worldwide.